Seeking local source for thin-client IDE flash modules.

Robert Brockway robert-5LEc/6Zm6xCUd8a0hrldnti2O/JbrIOy at
Mon Dec 8 19:40:30 UTC 2008

On Fri, 5 Dec 2008, Scott Sullivan wrote:

> Similar Deal with the thin clients I got, (a t5525 & t5710 to be specific), 
> the apacer flash modules sport a 44 pin IDE interface much like you see in 
> laptops, and the BIOS see them as generic hard drives. In theory I would be 
> able to hook up a 2.5" notebook hd to them, but I'd need a cable as the pins 
> are on the mobo and the header is on the module (reverse to a notebook hd).
> I shouldn't have little issue getting another distro on them, but I'm looking 
> to increase the available diskspace so I don't have to make as many 
> compromises when selecting which on to use.

An alternative (apart from actually using them as thin clients) is to boot 
them as "network computers".  All filesystems are available over the 
network (typically a _local_ network) but processing (running apps, etc) 
is done locally.  A key advantage here is reduced management overhead.


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