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Tue Nov 22 23:06:13 UTC 2005

On Nov 22, 2005, at 5:53 PM, William O'Higgins Witteman wrote:

> debfoster will run through your dependencies and give you
> removal options on clusters of dependant packages.

That sounds interesting.  I was thinking it would be nice to see some 
kind of "explain" function, but I suppose it's idle curiosity given 
that, if that's how the package dependencies are written, I'm not too 
likely to go change them.

On a related philosophical point, I wonder if Linux has replaced 
internal monolithic program construction with a version that just moves 
the bulk of the beast *outside* the actual executable.  The idea that, 
for example, removing an audio library would result in a software 
design program like Umbrello being uninstalled, sounds to me like 
someone twisted the linkages too tight.  :-)
(It seems too much like pre-OO programs I've seen, where removing a UI 
button breaks network connections, or some such.)

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