My favourite *nix games

Robert Brockway rbrockway-wgAaPJgzrDxH4x6Dk/4f9A at
Mon Nov 21 15:29:31 UTC 2005

Hi all.  The other games thread has prompted me to list some of my 
favourite *nix games.  I originally found out about Crimson Fields on a 
mailing list so others may find this info useful.  Others may wish to 
mention their 3 or 4 favourite games.

My favourite Linux games:

1. Crossfire (a classic if ever there was one)

2. Netrek (ok, another classic)

3. Crimson Fields (when I want something quick)

Other cool games:

XScorch (I always loved Scorched Earth)
FreeLords (I always loved Warlords II)


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