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Tue Nov 22 06:16:28 UTC 2005

Jamon Camisso wrote:
> I've been attempting to setup my first full blown mailserver this past 
> week. I decided on exim4 and dovecot because they seemed relatively 
> painless to get up and running in short order and have all the features 
> I need in an imap/maildir setup. Let me say this now -- I'm sure there 
> are a million better ways to have done this, but with my limited 
> knowledge and ability this setup is what I have and is what I intend to 
> keep (unless it will take 5 minutes to change).

I'm sure there are several ways to set up a full blown mailserver. I was 
pleased with what I was able to put together using Qmail and the additional 
tools from Inter7. You could switch to that combination yourself depending 
on how "full blown" a mailserver you are trying to put together. It might 
take a little longer than 5 minutes. I don't know if it would take less 
time to make the switch than it will to solve your current problems. :-)

> My question then: how do I get /var/mail/mboxfile into maildir format? 

You can use the mbox2maildir perl script from the Qmail project. You can 
find the script at http://www.qmail.org/mbox2maildir.

> I can access all the imap folders and subfolders in /home/user/Maildir 
> without any problems. However, I cannot retreive any new messages since 
> exim4/dovecot, or fetchmail (I really have no idea which, I'm way out of 
> my league here) is using the mbox file in /var/mail. How can I configure 
> things correctly then?

Its not quite clear (to me) from the above paragraph what is the problem 
you are having. You asked about conversion of mail from mbox to Maildir 
format so it seems to me you want to have mail delivered in Maildir rather 
than mbox format. From part of the above paragraph it sounds as if you 
don't have exim4 configured to deliver to Maildir.

As for users getting their mail that was delievered in Maildir format, if 
their mail reader doesn't support Maildir format directly just have them 
configure their mail reader to connect to your POP mail server to retreive 
the mail.



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