Where can I buy a linux-friendly laptop?

William Park opengeometry-FFYn/CNdgSA at public.gmane.org
Mon Nov 21 02:17:06 UTC 2005

On Sun, Nov 20, 2005 at 08:53:24PM -0500, CLIFFORD ILKAY wrote:
> On November 20, 2005 19:31, William Park wrote:
> > I wich they come up with portable (ie. transportable from
> > desk-to-desk) package, using commodity desktop components.  The
> > best one can do is to mount LCD montior to the side of tower case. 
> > If anyone has idea on how to make it attractive, let me know.
> Shuttle, A-Open, and Microstar are a few brands that have the breadbox 
> form factor machines. They use standard components and are certainly 
> luggable. Some brands even come with a handle on the case. A-Open 
> apparently has a Mac Mini knockoff, though it is not likely to use 
> standard components.

Those are "shoebox" style.  Main problem is where to put the monitor.

So far, I drilled/bolted a handle on the top of my tower cases, so that
I can carry it with one hand.  It looks good.  But, monitor are tricky
to do and make it presentable.

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