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On 11/20/05, Walter Dnes <waltdnes-SLHPyeZ9y/tg9hUCZPvPmw at> wrote:
> I'm at the tail end of some experiments with de-noising digital photos
> from my camera.
> My next personal project will be learning postgresql. I am familiar
> with Oracle SQL and PL/SQL as an end-user/programmer, but not as an
> admin. I'm not a CS, but at work I do write some read-only queries.
> We've got MS-Access via ODBC as well, but once you get past the really
> simple stuff, GUI "Query By Example" runs into a wall. To give an idea
> of where I'm at, my "claims-to-fame" are...
> - cross-tabbing table(s) *WITHOUT A SELF-JOIN*. (!^%$#& umpteenth-
> order normalized table)
> - A hack for bypassing the PL/SQL 1-megabyte total output limit, and
> the 255 bytes-per-line limit, for programs launched from the SQL
> command prompt.

I don't believe Postgreqsl has such a limit.

- I managed to figure out how to SELECT ... BULK COLLECT INTO an
> "INDEX BY" table. It's so easy once you see it done once.
> Anyone aware of any "postgresql user groups" in the Toronto area?

Not that I'm aware of .. usually if I run into a question I visit the
documentation on the Postgresql site .. read the docs for version of
Postgresql that you have (I use 7.3.4); last time I visited you had the
choice between annotated and not annotated .. sometimes the annotations are

What are the best quick guides to getting started? I've installed it
> but haven't fired it up yet. Are there any booby-traps to watch for?
> E.g. ensure that it doesn't end up listening to external connections on
> the internet?

All that's controlled by pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf which are normally
located at /var/lib/pgdql/data .. I think the default is that it only
listens to local processes.

I'm a command prompt kind of guy, so I am really familiar with psql and
pg_dump, the command line interface and the database dumper. From the
former, type \? and that should get you started into all of the good stuff.


Linux, Firefox and GMail .. what a combination.
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