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Sun Nov 20 07:37:18 UTC 2005

The postgres SQL website has a good set of links.

On 11/20/05, Walter Dnes <waltdnes-SLHPyeZ9y/tg9hUCZPvPmw at> wrote:
> I'm at the tail end of some experiments with de-noising digital photos
> from my camera.
> My next personal project will be learning postgresql. I am familiar
> with Oracle SQL and PL/SQL as an end-user/programmer, but not as an
> admin. I'm not a CS, but at work I do write some read-only queries.
> We've got MS-Access via ODBC as well, but once you get past the really
> simple stuff, GUI "Query By Example" runs into a wall. To give an idea
> of where I'm at, my "claims-to-fame" are...
> - cross-tabbing table(s) *WITHOUT A SELF-JOIN*. (!^%$#& umpteenth-
> order normalized table)
> - A hack for bypassing the PL/SQL 1-megabyte total output limit, and
> the 255 bytes-per-line limit, for programs launched from the SQL
> command prompt.
> - I managed to figure out how to SELECT ... BULK COLLECT INTO an
> "INDEX BY" table. It's so easy once you see it done once.
> Anyone aware of any "postgresql user groups" in the Toronto area?
> What are the best quick guides to getting started? I've installed it
> but haven't fired it up yet. Are there any booby-traps to watch for?
> E.g. ensure that it doesn't end up listening to external connections on
> the internet?
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