cdrecord under Fedora Core 3

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Sat Nov 19 15:46:48 UTC 2005

On 19 Nov 2005 at 10:02, Madison Kelly (Madison Kelly <tlug-lxSQFCZeNF4 at>) spaketh these wourdes:

<my stuff snipped>

> This may not be much of a responce but I settled on 'k3b' for burning. I use
> Gnome and it runs fine under it but when you install it there isn't an icon
> by default so either make one for it or just call 'k3b' as a regular user
> from the command line. You aren't using 'ide-scsi=/dev/hdd' (or whatever the
> proper syntax is) are you? The 2.6 kernel doesn't need that.
> Madison

I just entered "/sbin/modprobe scsi_mod" by hand. It doesn't appear to be 
loaded by default. I suspect that one part of the problem might be in 
installing the right modules. But I can't understand why Nautilus would 
"fix" a CD without writing anything to it. And it can do this without me 
having to use modprobe to insert the module. I'll check out k3b

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