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On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 10:29:39AM -0500, Jamon Camisso wrote:
> Check
> Note that the merits of supporting transgaming can be debated endlessly. 
> If it works though, it is a small concession to have to make to convert 
> your friend.

I figure support the companies that actually port their games to linux.
libSDL is a wonderful thing and the use of it should be encouraged.

Loki did a lot of wonderful things for linux, such is starting the
libsdl thing.

I often find annoying little problems when using anything through wine,
and I am not willing to pay someone for a special wine just to run
games.  If I have to run a windows game I will use windows.  I would
prefer to run linux games personally.  At least then it is at most the
game that crashes, not the whole system, and I can have the machine
doing other things while playing my game.

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