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Fri Nov 18 15:29:39 UTC 2005

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 03:06:31AM -0500, Franco Saliola wrote:
>>It's that time of year again. Gift-buying season.
>>So I have this friend that is slowly coming round to installing linux
>>on his 64bit laptop. We will be setting up his machine for dual boot
>>in January, once some big December deadlines are out of the way.
>>However, one of his complaints about linux is its lack of games. Now,
>>rumour has it that there are some great games available for linux. But
>>my favourite video game is Ms Pacman (with the speedup hack, so she is
>>moving much faster than all the ghosts), so my knowledge of video
>>games doesn't extend much further than MAME.
>>Anyone have some suggestions for some linux games that would really
>>impress a PC (Windows) gamer? And as it's a gift, I don't mind paying
>>for the game.
> Well games I have played on Linux:
> Alpha Centuri (Loki software version)
> SimCity 3000 (Loki software version)
> Myth II (Loki software version)
> Never Winters Nights (Main game only, I haven't tried the expansions).
> Loki had many great games ported to linux but unfortunately went out of
> business 3 years ago or so.
> Other games that run on linux but I haven't played:
> Doom III
> Quake III Arena
> Return to Cassle Wolfenstein
> Return to Cassle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
> Quake 4
> Unreal (I believe most if not all versions have linux ports)
> For more check out which has links to
>, epic, id, and a few others.
> seems to still sell many of the loki titles.
> Lennart Sorensen

Note that the merits of supporting transgaming can be debated endlessly. 
If it works though, it is a small concession to have to make to convert 
your friend.

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