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Fri Nov 18 12:15:27 UTC 2005

Franco Saliola wrote:

>It's that time of year again. Gift-buying season.
>So I have this friend that is slowly coming round to installing linux
>on his 64bit laptop. We will be setting up his machine for dual boot
>in January, once some big December deadlines are out of the way.
>However, one of his complaints about linux is its lack of games. Now,
>rumour has it that there are some great games available for linux. But
>my favourite video game is Ms Pacman (with the speedup hack, so she is
>moving much faster than all the ghosts), so my knowledge of video
>games doesn't extend much further than MAME.
>Anyone have some suggestions for some linux games that would really
>impress a PC (Windows) gamer? And as it's a gift, I don't mind paying
>for the game.
>Thanks in advance.
There is a pretty good GPL game called NEXUIZ. It's also available for 
Windows so you could test the hardware now. 

Doom3 and Unreal Tournament also work well. You can also get the Demo's 
for both. Quake 4 is out however support for it is not too good.


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