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CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay-biY6FKoJMRdBDgjK7y7TUQ at
Fri Nov 18 02:56:58 UTC 2005

On November 17, 2005 17:44, Fernando Duran wrote:
> Hello,
> for the Mandriva users, how do I find on the web
> (without installing Mandriva) what Mandriva rpm
> package includes a certain program?
> To be more specific, I want to study the dependencies,
> where it comes from  etc of userhelper/consolehelper
> (
> A search in Mandriva's CVS gives me zero results for
> both strings. Same thing for the Wiki.
> A google search points to the "usermode" rpm, that
> also includes PAM. But if I look at that package for
> Mandriva, it talks about a graphical tool for other
> utilities. So I'm totally confused :-(

Hi Fernando,

[root at pluto ~]# urpmf userhelper
[root at pluto ~]#

So it looks like the Mandriva package you're looking for is 

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