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Thu Nov 17 00:50:11 UTC 2005

this might not be it but ..
i have had a problem a couple of time,
because of weak power/voltage drive on the ethernet card, and mixed with cable and distance,
that i get a ip, dhcp, yet have the issues you are taking about,
i.e. 95 % packet drop which appears basically as a dead connect.
Its a bitch to diagnois because as you did, you switch stuff around, and you try to rule out stuff.
In the end for me its a incompatiablity with the cable run, and the ethernet power/volts collectively between one computer and the router/&hub.
a cable might work in one computer but not in another due to the engery specs of the ethernet card.


On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 00:34:20 +0000
"Imran ." <imranqau-PkbjNfxxIARBDgjK7y7TUQ at> wrote:

> Here is my somewhat strange network problem:
> I have a ADSL connection from bell. Hight speed modem is connected to a broadband router, and then i have two PCs connected to router.
> 3 days ago i just had to turn computer on and i was on the internet. Now, one computer is fine. I just powerup the computer and its connected to the internet.
> Problem is 2nd computer. When Linux boots up, it says bringing up eth0  .......... OK
> When system is up, i do "ifconfig" and computer has IP address assigned by router. I do "route -n" and my router ( is setup as default gw. I can ping my other computer ( However,although IP address is assigned using DHCP by my router. by I CANNOT PING MY ROUTER ( and i cannot go to any webpage.
> Even strange, I take the ethernet cable from this problematic computer and put the cable into my laptop ethernet port and my laptop is connected to the internet. That means there is no problem with either router or the cable.
> After spending much time using tcpdump, arp, i was not able to figure out what's wrong. I have tried other router ports but same problem.
> so i finally formatted my hard-disk and reinstalled Fedora, it configured network automatically during installation and brings up the interface during boot. IP address is assigned, default gw is setup. However, i cannot ping router, cannot go to any webpage. and i can still ping the other computer.
> Isn't it strange that PC gets IP address and other network settings from router but cannot ping the router? and can ping the other computer. They all r on the same network.
> any thoughts? is something wrong with my network card?
> And interestingly, if i manually configure PPPoE then i can connect to internet. although i cannot still ping the router. before that i didnot have to configure PPPoE and computer was on internet upon startup.
> And again on the same network cable my other computer works fine. my both computers are dual boot and i am having same problem with both Linux and Windows.
> any thoughts?
> and thanks for reading through this long problem.
> imran.
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