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Thu Nov 17 00:53:09 UTC 2005

Does the router accept ping requests? It may be ignoring them.

Sounds like a DNS problem. Can your computer ping the DNS server? Do
you have DNS configured in /etc/resolv.conf?


On 11/16/05, Imran . <imranqau-PkbjNfxxIARBDgjK7y7TUQ at> wrote:
> Here is my somewhat strange network problem:
> I have a ADSL connection from bell. Hight speed modem is connected to a
> broadband router, and then i have two PCs connected to router.
> 3 days ago i just had to turn computer on and i was on the internet. Now,
> one computer is fine. I just powerup the computer and its connected to the
> internet.
> Problem is 2nd computer. When Linux boots up, it says bringing up eth0
> .......... OK
> When system is up, i do "ifconfig" and computer has IP address
> assigned by router. I do "route -n" and my router ( is setup as
> default gw. I can ping my other computer ( However,although
> IP address is assigned using DHCP by my router. by I CANNOT PING MY ROUTER
> ( and i cannot go to any webpage.
> Even strange, I take the ethernet cable from this problematic computer and
> put the cable into my laptop ethernet port and my laptop is connected to the
> internet. That means there is no problem with either router or the cable.
> After spending much time using tcpdump, arp, i was not able to figure out
> what's wrong. I have tried other router ports but same problem.
> so i finally formatted my hard-disk and reinstalled Fedora, it configured
> network automatically during installation and brings up the interface during
> boot. IP address is assigned, default gw is setup. However, i cannot ping
> router, cannot go to any webpage. and i can still ping the other computer.
> Isn't it strange that PC gets IP address and other network settings from
> router but cannot ping the router? and can ping the other computer. They all
> r on the same network.
> any thoughts? is something wrong with my network card?
> And interestingly, if i manually configure PPPoE then i can connect to
> internet. although i cannot still ping the router. before that i didnot have
> to configure PPPoE and computer was on internet upon startup.
> And again on the same network cable my other computer works fine. my both
> computers are dual boot and i am having same problem with both Linux and
> Windows.
> any thoughts?
> and thanks for reading through this long problem.
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