Thunderbird on Gatesware + Sympatico DSL

Evan Leibovitch evan-ieNeDk6JonTYtjvyW6yDsg at
Tue Nov 15 15:10:44 UTC 2005

bob wrote:

>Not everyone in my circle listens to my pitch about the merits of going 
>Linux.     The best I can do with some of them is to pitch the merits of FTO 
>(Firefox/Thunderbird/Open Office).
Nothing wrong with that. What you call FTO is an excellent way to
introduce people to open source software, destroying myths that it's
geekware or unpolished. Furthermore, it allows a business to slowly move
platforms from other OSs to Linux if everything is running the same

[ Don't forget that you can add Gimp to that mix of apps too. ]

>My brother has Gatesware XP + Sympatico DSL.     Firefox went on without 
>incident.      Thunderbird seems to install just fine and pickup all the 
>Outlook settings and address book etc.      It simply refuses to connect to 
>the Sympatico email servers.
>Any ideas.
Obviously Thunderbird didn't import all of your settings. I don't know
if the Thunderbird "import settings" function extends to your
IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts. You can retry the import using Tools->Import.

If you go into Edit->Account Settings, Thunderbird will show you
everything it knows about what you're connecting to and how it makes the
connection. If it hasn't imported your Sympatico settings you may have
to manually examine your Outlook config and copy those settings over.

I'm not near a Sympatico system so I can't speak to the details this
moment. However I did recently convert a few people on Sympatico from
Outlook Express to Thunderbird-on-Windows and I don't recall it being

- Evan

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