planning to go back into Linux, what distro do you recommend?

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Wed Nov 9 00:02:20 UTC 2005

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> Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you can find your way to a LinuxFormat subscription, or another
magazine that is delivered with Linux versions on CD's/DVD, you'll
have plenty of choices.

Over the two years or so that I've been buying (now subscribing) to
LinuxFormat, I've now got far more versions of Linux than I'm sure
I'll ever have time to try.  And this doesn't even begin to do justice
to the magazine, or the quality of it's articles & tutorials.

Well worth the additional cost of importing it from the U.K. I think.

Though it doesn't come with any discs (it's email delivery only, and
costs nothing), Tux magazine is aimed squarely at helping new linux
users out.  I know I find it helpful even after a couple years of
day-to-day Linux use.  :-)

Best of luck!
Scott Elcomb
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