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On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Steve wrote:

> And what are we? Chopped liver?? :-)

At a computer show in 2004, just before I went on to give a talk about 
Linux one of the other presenters said a couple of interesting things to 
me.  He said:

1.  He believed no one is using Linux.

This struck me as an odd comment.  Even if he meant "almost no one is 
using Linux" the comment was still odd.  I just responded with "somebody 
has to be writing all that code".  I did go on to point out that only a 
small minority of Linux users actually write any code at all.

2.  He believed Linux was a toy OS

I just pointed out that Linux had been used in production environments 
for longer than I'd be using it (11 years to date).

Incidentally, while I am happy that Linux has support from big business 
today, I do get disappointed when some big businesses make claims that 
Linux is "now ready for prime time".  They may be surprised to know that 
people were using Linux to get real work done long before they got 
involved :)


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