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> > ok, its embeded, and yeah its via a partnership (not 100% them)
> > but technically MS is selling linux now!!!!
> > 
> >
> > 
> >From what I read (see the article it refers to), MS is partnering with Aruba 
> to fix MS's own network infrastructure. It is also known that Aruba uses 
> Linux. By extension, MS is using Linux for themselves, which flies in the 
> face of their "get the facts" ad campaign, which touts MS-based networks as 
> superior and more secure.
> In other words, they don't appear to be selling Linux; they are just using 
> it for their own needs, if I read the article correctly (admittedly I was 
> skimming through it). I saw no indication that they are actually selling 
> Linux.
> But even so, perhaps hell has frozen over indeed. 
> And the funny thing is, I would think that there will still be buyers out 
> there who will buy MS server software. I mean, this isn't the first time 
> that the bone-headedness of Microsoft's marketing logic was exposed. What 
> does it really take to turn people off MS? It appears that the only reason 
> that people use MS is "because everyone else is using it". And by extension, 
> no-one uses Linux "because no one is using it". You can say what you like 
> about the virtues of Linux, but the prevailing logic is that "no one else is 
> using it", and that is reason enough for many people.
i agree its hard for people to change,
my dad said he would never use linux .. has a MACOSX,
bought a panasonic PVR ... now he is using linux!!!

PS3 will be linux (from what i am reading) ,
so with the embeds (game maachines, cell phones, pvr's, pda's) in time
it might be very natural for people to make the move.

oddly enough for testing a x-platform app, i need to install windows XP  (pro in this case)
first windows install i have done for myself in years,
was a bit frightned, cause people told me, XP a lot better then win3000, ME ,etc,
so i installed XP yesterday,
first computer i tried it on , a cheap all in one Mobo ECS computer, had taken linux fine, many a time,
for XP install, at end, Blue screens,  tried again, blue screened ...
Had to give up, put it on a Soltek 2.4GHz mobo with a nvidia card,
it installed, but it was funny, a linux install (at least for me with suse 9.X - 10.0)
has a graphics screen as the first thing you see, infact its all graphics,
XP was this DOS character crap, with a few times with no indication its doing anything,
and one time, i figured for sure it hung, went for 1-2 minutes with no movement on the screen
(during install).
In the end i got it installed,
then i had to install .Net framework (as thats Mono apps i am testing on XP, Linux, and OSX)
so i had to first install/update a network installer program,
it then had to update a bunch of stuff,
then another round of that,
then i can't find the .Net frame work, its as a optional component,
get it, install that .... and 2-3 reboots later ....
scary experience .. but glad to  have done it (so i can knowledgibly knock MS :) ) .... 
I want to assure myself - a SUSE install goes a hell of a lot easier, and i get my Mono on their, and no blue screens of death.

i assume to get the ECS working i would have had to try and install drivers at the very first
text screen that says hit <? key> to install drivers like scsi, etc,
but for a all-in-one ecs mobo thats 3 years old ?
So for Linux/Win32 installs i am (for success)  100/100 (linus) vs. 1/2 (windows) 
so for me windows only installs correctly 50% of the time :)  (well thats my story anyways)


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