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Thu Nov 3 19:44:36 UTC 2005

On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 03:20:14PM -0400, Tony Abou-Assaleh wrote:
> First, I asked for ftp/sftp clients, not just ftp. Second, I asked for Mac
> OSX, not Windows.

Well Mac OS X as far as I remember comes with scp and sftp (at least for
the command line).  I have never used Fugu but it does appear to be a
very nice sftp/scp gui.

> sftp is, in most cases, a subsystem of ssh. (+see comments above).

Sure, but ftp-ssl that someone asked about is not.  It is plain old ftp
wrapped in ssl.

> With regards to the sanity of FTP, you admitted in your other email that
> there are things that can easily be done in FTP but not in SFTP.
> You are also forgetting that there is a cost with encryption. The overhead
> is both in data sent and the time it takes to encrypt and decrypt. There
> are situations (e.g., anonymous access, local networks) where encryption
> is an unnecessary overhead and FTP remains the fastest and most flexible
> protocol to transfer files.

For downloading, http is the most efficient and flexible method there
is.  For uploading it is debateable.  Certainly a number of web editing
tools use webdav for uploads, not ftp.  webdav may not be that common,
but is is rather easy to use and setup.

Many people that have used ftp/tftp/telnet for years and claim they must
have it to do work often change their mind once shown what scp/sftp/ssh
can do for them, especially when they find out their password was being
sent cleartext over their connection.

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