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Tony Abou-Assaleh taa-HInyCGIudOg at
Thu Nov 3 19:20:14 UTC 2005

> > One would think that ftp/sftp is an essential part of our lives,
> > especially in the absence of floppies.
> I consider ftp to be a crappy terrible protocol that is best forgotten.
> ssh/scp seems to be something that should be essential, and with things
> like psftp and pscp available with putty for windows, there is no excuse
> for still using ftp.

First, I asked for ftp/sftp clients, not just ftp. Second, I asked for Mac
OSX, not Windows.

> > Fugu seems to be the only graphical ftp/sftp client for Mac OSX, one that
> > looks nice, crashes a lot, doesn't handle directories well, and plenty of
> > other problems.
> >
> > Any reasonable alternatives?
> You mean besides using a sane protocol instead?  No idea for that.

sftp is, in most cases, a subsystem of ssh. (+see comments above).

With regards to the sanity of FTP, you admitted in your other email that
there are things that can easily be done in FTP but not in SFTP.

You are also forgetting that there is a cost with encryption. The overhead
is both in data sent and the time it takes to encrypt and decrypt. There
are situations (e.g., anonymous access, local networks) where encryption
is an unnecessary overhead and FTP remains the fastest and most flexible
protocol to transfer files.



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