Mac Open Source?

Sacha Chua sacha-ctE++fEYmiYdc6zLPptBHg at
Wed Nov 2 15:26:47 UTC 2005

Rob Sutherland <rob-HoWcdTCbwWKHoZZAE0nKLw at> writes:

> I have to go and teach a Mac guy how to maintain his site and I'd
> like to take a selection of Mac open source programs over there with
> me. I'm looking for basic webmaster tools, ftp etc. - anyone have
> any pointers?

Get the guy on a wiki or a blog. =) For most people, that makes site
maintenance ridiculously easy. You can turn pmwiki into an easy-to-use
CMS by password-protecting edits and hiding the edit link.

Less mucking about with FTP, and he can edit it from anywhere.

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