Postix solved, new (vendor-related) dilemma

Meng Cheah meng-D1t3LT1mScs at
Tue Nov 1 12:53:57 UTC 2005

Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> But in other news, I need advice on how to deal with a vendor. Earlier 
> this summer I helped my dad buy a laptop from a Linux-friendly vendor. 
> Unfortunately the screen blew out. They took it back in for repairs over 
> three weeks ago. They said it would take between two days and two weeks 
> and now they are refusing to (1) respond to emails (2) answer the phone 
> (3) answer IM messages on the status of the laptop.
> The vendor is one whose name is mentioned a lot on this list. We bought 
> the laptop based on the praise it had received here...but now I'm at a 
> loss on what to do. I don't want to "out" the vendor, but I also don't 
> want others buying from them if they cannot support the products they 
> sell. (And at this point it feels like they've stolen the laptop from 
> us, which is quite frankly...disgusting.)
> Any advice?

What is the relationship between the vendor and manufacturer?

check out this out :

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