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Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:

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> But in other news, I need advice on how to deal with a vendor. Earlier 
> this summer I helped my dad buy a laptop from a Linux-friendly vendor. 
> Unfortunately the screen blew out. They took it back in for repairs 
> over three weeks ago. They said it would take between two days and two 
> weeks and now they are refusing to (1) respond to emails (2) answer 
> the phone (3) answer IM messages on the status of the laptop.
> The vendor is one whose name is mentioned a lot on this list. We 
> bought the laptop based on the praise it had received here...but now 
> I'm at a loss on what to do. I don't want to "out" the vendor, but I 
> also don't want others buying from them if they cannot support the 
> products they sell. (And at this point it feels like they've stolen 
> the laptop from us, which is quite frankly...disgusting.)
> Any advice?
I had to take a slimy bunch of characters to small claims court a few 
years ago. I bought a system from them and it was junk, so after my 
complaints were
brushed off I took them to small claims court. I never got any cash out 
of them, but at least they had to publicly deal with it and go on the 
record. Seeing
that subpoena with their name on it got their attention, anyway.

Since it seems that you've already made a good faith effort to resolve 
the situation, here's what I'd do. Check out some of the links on for info on organizing your complaint, then 
write up a letter explaining the situation and stating that you intend
to take legal action by such and such a date unless the situation is 
resolved. Find out who actually owns the vendor, that is, who's actually 
liable for their actions - it may not be the people you're dealing with 
or someone further up the foodchain in the organization, anyway. Send
the letter (send it registered so they have to sign), and copy the 
actual owner(s) and any complaint agencies. Open a complaint with the 
Better Business Bureau and attach the letter.

Publish the letter on your blog and add a link to it in your sig., like 
'Thinking of doing business with xyz? Check this out http://...', Post 

I'm afraid you may have a long road ahead of you, the chances of 
*anything* getting money back from a bad vendor are pretty slim. But, 
these guys shouldn't get away with it and a slim chance is better than 
none. Good luck

Small claims court info.

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