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Fri Jul 30 18:40:43 UTC 2004

Hi All,

A couple of month ago, Jing published a script to run concurrent 
instances of Mozilla/Firefox.  I am running Firefox 0.9.1 on Sarge and 
this script did not work well: it was able to start a new instance of 
Firefox only if one was already running.

I found that it was because the mozilla-xremote-client version shipped 
with Firefox returned 0 to a successful ping (meaning if a client was 
already running).

I tried to modified Jing's script to reflect that but, because I do not 
know Bash very well, my new script is not nice.

Actually, in the script, the variable REMOTE is the program to be used 
for the ping.  However, with this version of mozilla-xremote-client, you 
also have to specify what to ping with the option -a 
(mozilla-xremote-client -a firefox "ping()") knowing that you can ping 
Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla, or any.

My problem is that I cannot put "mozilla-xremote-client -a firefox" in 
the REMOTE variable otherwise, when executed (`$REMOTE "ping()"`).  
Therefore, the only solution I found was to hard code the program with 
its path and options.  Not good at all.

Any trick?


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