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On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 07:02:28PM -0400, Aaron Sorensen wrote:
> Hi I got a book to learn to program C (Sam's teach your self C in 21
> days 5th) and i looked at the CD that came with it and the compiler is
> called Dev c++ bloodshed or something its under windows and i was
> wondering if Linux had a good compiler like bloodshed and that was under
> the ANSI ISO/iec 9899:1999.
> and a nother question i have is whats the diffrents form windows and
> linux programing and should i stick to learning in windows and try linux
> when i get better or should i learn in linux???
> thanks for helping me out

Learning on a unix system with a simple text console for I/O is actually
much simpler (I think) than learning on Windows where you have to deal
with so much other crap.  You can do command line only programs in
windows, but it isn't really what it seems set up to build by default.

If you did work on Windows, Dev-C++ is a nice free IDE which uses
GCC/G++ and has SDL libs available which allows you to write code that
should be compileable and runable on both linux and windows with little
changes required.  I found it to be much simpler to do neat things with
than Visual Studio.

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