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Phoned Above All, no luck. The HDD that I am looing for is IBM TravelStar
DARA212000, retail price US$150. I can bid one from eBay but I don't like
privious component to be shipped via USPS. I remember there was one store
participanting CompuFest this year. I remember because this store hired
those tall brondies wearing short skirts to sell used IBM computers. The
name might be greytech?

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I know Above All (590 Bloor St. W, 416-588-588-8119) sometimes has used 
laptop drives (I've bought a few off of them over the years and they 
were fine). If you get stuck I can put you onto a reseller who can get 
you one two. Let me know if you don't have any luck or would rather buy 
new and I'll get you in touch with them.


Phillip Qin wrote:
> Does any one know if there is a store in GTA that sells new/used IBM
> notebook HDD?
> Regards,
> PQ
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