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Thu Jul 15 14:32:04 UTC 2004

Aaron Sorensen wrote:
> well i belive u shouldnt pay for it but any ways i gess it dos not
> matter. is there a free version cause i thought win4lin has a win98
> licened version right i might be wrong about that is there a free
> version or any thing 

Assume for a minute, your a company that only sells Linux applications. 
  If anyone can copy your product, how do you make money?  Companies 
such as Red Hat and SuSE will let you copy their product, but they can 
charge for service.  It's hard to charge for service, on stand alone 

There is not a W98 version of Win4Lin, it's a product that allows you to 
run Windows on Linux.

If you want free, use Wine, which comes with most Linux distros.

Don't *EVER* assume a product is free, simply because you don't want to 
pay for it.  Copying such software is theft, and makes you a parasite.

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