APIC on AMD Athlon 2500+ Broken?

Kareem Shehata kareem-d+8TeBu5bOew5LPnMra/2Q at public.gmane.org
Mon Jul 5 14:01:10 UTC 2004

Hey everyone,

I guess I've been pretty dormant of late as a result of not having a
working Linux desktop.  Now that I've finally gotten a kernel build that
doesn't crash, I should be a little more active.

Here's the strange part:  what was causing my system to lock up solid
was APIC support.  Any kernel that I've run with APIC enabled will crash
after what seems like a random period of time no matter what devices are
in use.  The system is now running just fine, but I figured APIC would
help improve stability and performance.  Is this a known bug in either
the kernel or my hardware (Asus A7N8X Deluxe with an Athlon XP 2500+),
or do I simply have a crappy chip?



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