Kernel 2.6 compile: Comaptability

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Sat Dec 27 21:39:33 UTC 2003

Well, things are slowly coming together. I can boot into the new kernel, and 
the kernel no longer complains about missing functions. But it wasn't 
straightforward. It looks as though the module utilities depended on an older 
version of modutils, with their executables renamed to .old. Second, the 
default installation for these new utils was going to be under /usr/local/sbin. 
And if it went to /sbin, it would clobber all files in its path without 
renaming them with .old extensions first. So that had to be done by hand, using 

Paul King

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> I can't remember what module in question is being discussed here...
> But I finally got 2.6 running on my box, with all the creature comfort
> options (sound, graphics, etc) running.
> I *think* the things that are needed are:
> new utils: as mentioned before, new modutils, e2fs, psutil, etc...
> new modutils: I think you need the newer modutils first before doing
> 'make module_install'.  I had trouble with loading modules even with the
> new modutils until I recompiled and reinstalled the modules again out of
> frustration, at which point they worked file.
> renamed modules: (on my redhat box),
> under /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, look for the line containing:
>   modprobe keybdev
>   modprobe mousedev
> gotta replace them with
>   modprobe uhci_hcd
>   modprobe usbkbd
>   modprobe usbmouse
> look for line containing:
>   mount -n -t proc /proc /proc
> add line afterwards:
>   mount -n -t sysfs /sys /sys
>   (remember to make the directory /sys/ as root before rebooting)
> Those are the basic things I think that got the mouse and keyboard
> working.  I'm also running Alsa using the OSS compatability.
> -Jing
> On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Paul King wrote:
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> > Subject: Re: [TLUG]: Kernel 2.6 compile: Comaptability?
> >
> > Forget it. I know where it is now.
> >
> > I see that I needed to update e2fsprogs and procps, but that was tangential to
> > the main problem: the modules wouldn't load. I recall this was posted earlier
> > (by Jing Su) without much reply. I installed the latest e2fsprogs, and got the
> > same problem. No drivers except what was already compiled in; no mouse; no
> > sound. There was a complaint from modprobe about some function or other not
> > being present during the boot sequence. The newer version of modutils didn't
> > change or eliminate this error.
> >
> > e2fsprogs, FWIW, is installed in the latest version (1.35-WIP, whatever "WIP"
> > means). I see all my partitions, so I would suppose the "WIP" part is
> > unimportant in my case -- I could find nothing on the abbreviation.
> >
> > > An earlier poster posed what was a good issue: that I ought to check my
> > > software for compatability with the kernel. OK, so I try to check, but the
> > > compatability list doesn't appear to be in its usual place. Anyone know
> > > where this stuff is?
> > >
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