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Sat Dec 27 20:15:30 UTC 2003

On Sat, 27 Dec 2003, Fraser Campbell wrote:

> Desktop installs are a waste of time for any organization of significant
> size.  For thin client installs older PCs (probably even 486s) are more
> than capable of running the latest and greatest stuff, you just run the
> heavy stuff on the server.

Absolutely.  Many times I've seen people amazed with the capabilites of a
thinclient.  Too many people are still convinced that a computer needs to
be near a person to be useful[1].

[1] Of course the thinclient itself is a computer but little processing is
done there.  More importantly, no important data is saved there.  One of
the most important things about a thinclients is that you don't care if
they break since they are all interchangeable from the users point of


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