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Jing Su jingsu-26n5VD7DAF2Tm46uYYfjYg at
Sat Dec 27 19:26:35 UTC 2003

> On December 27, 2003 01:23 pm, Howard Gibson wrote:
> >    I suspect that if you install the latest version of Linux onto these old
> > machines, you will teach a bunch of people to hate Linux.   A clever
> > administrator may get these machines to work efficiently, but new machines
> > are probably easier and more reliable, Linux or no Linux.
> Desktop installs are a waste of time for any organization of significant size.
> For thin client installs older PCs (probably even 486s) are more than capable
> of running the latest and greatest stuff, you just run the heavy stuff on the
> server.

I second that.
I have a Pentium120 (!!!) Laptop with 16 (!!!) megs of Ram.
I loaded Slack, bare X, and VNC, and thin client into my Desktop.  Sure
runs nice and smooth.  Won't be able to play video clips and MP3s, but
hey, we're talking about government computers here.
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