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Sat Dec 27 14:46:44 UTC 2003

Phillip Mills wrote:

> I haven't noticed any messages lately about efforts to get a Linux 
> foothold at the City of Toronto.  Anyone interested should read an 
> article on page A14 of this morning's Globe & Mail.
> Quote:
> "The city's problem is that 14,000 of its 17,500 computers are of 1999 
> vintage or older, which means that the operating system they run on is 
> Microsoft Windows NT, a program which the software company will no 
> longer support after some time next year, and they do not have the 
> capacity to run on the next generation of software, Windows XP, which 
> the city plans to switch to."
> Tortured grammar aside, how many things "wrong" can *you* find in that 
> sentence?  :-)
Yikes !
    It sounds like a golden opportunity is starting to rust !
The earlier thread "Toronto Municipal Open Source Revolution, anyone ?"
had a flash of enthusiasm and then very little follow through.
    Who else is going to champion this cause, if not us ?
    How can we keep the flame under this one ?

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