Formatting in C++

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Fri Dec 26 20:40:05 UTC 2003

On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, John Wildberger wrote:

> I also tried a few other  suggestins, given by by Peter Peres but also with
> negative success.
> It seems that the good old printf() is still the best to use. It just bugs me
> not being able to do it with cout.

info iostream, menu nodes:


where we find the prototype of:

	ostream::form(const char *FORMAT, ...)


	Streams->Iostreams->Ios->Format Control

and 'Manipulators', which contains some examples. Your code would be:

	cout << "Yada: 0x" << setw(2) << hex << buf[i] << nl;

and f_unit8 could be:

	#define f_uint8 	setw(2) << hex

so you could:

	cout  << "Yada: 0x" << f_uint8 << buf[i] << nl;


PS: You should take a moment (or a day) and index your system. This info
and much more is on your machine.

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