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Kevin Cozens kcozens-qazKcTl6WRFWk0Htik3J/w at public.gmane.org
Fri Dec 19 22:37:20 UTC 2003

At 09:52 AM 12/19/2003 -0500, John wrote:
>My initial attempts with viewing a movie resulted in crashes on Xine and
>Ogle. I did try to run Ogle from the command line in an x terminal as
>suggested in a goolge search.

Ogle is the DVD player software I have tried to use. It was the first one I 
read about that was supposed to be able to play encrypted discs and was 
supposed to have support for the menus on the DVD. Whether it can play a 
given DVD or not seems to be a bit of a coin toss. Some times it will work 
and sometimes it won't. Depends on which DVD you give it and what features 
the DVD uses. The program seems to choke at start up (ie. before it gets to 
displaying the DVD's menu) with some DVDs.

I haven't tried Xine for movie or DVD playback yet. The one other 
observation about Ogle is that its playback seems to need more CPU 
horsepower than the PowerDVD software I use in Windows. PowerDVD is just 
able to play DVD's acceptably on my Pentium II 266MHz machine. With Ogle 
under Linux the video playback starts dropping the odd frames which is just 
barely noticeable.

>In regards to burning. I know K3B is pretty good as is CDrecord from the
>command line. Any other suggestions ?

When I first got a CD Burner, the burner software made the Windows side of 
my machine unstable so I tried burning under Linux. I XCDRoast for burning 
these days and it works fine. The alpha14 version (IIRC) had experimental 
support for direct support of IDE-ATAPI drives but the latest alpha15 
version has dropped that for some reason. If you are using IDE drives, you 
need to tell the kernel to use the ide-scsi module for the (hdc/hdd) 
drives. In XCDRoast, you would select the SCSI versions of your drives as 
the ones to use (it will show you both the IDE and SCSI versions).

Also, since you have DVD writers, you can get the ProDVD plug-in for 
XCDroast which allows you to write to DVD disks. If you check last months 
Linux Journal they have more information on software to make the image 
files for a DVD.


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