gdb front-ends?

Sergey Kuznetsov skuznets-WRMZ5ucGVl4BXFe83j6qeQ at
Fri Dec 19 21:15:30 UTC 2003

> As it turns out, I'm too stupid (well, too impatient really) to use gdb
> by itself.  I'd prefer something that gave a listing of the source code
> on the screen, showed the currently-executing line, etc.
> There seems to be about 18,732 different gdb front-ends out there.  Does
> anyone have any preference?

	I am using ddd.

for solaris' dbx it will be ddd --dbx programname
for gdb - ddd --gdb programname or ddd programname
for perl - ddd --perl programname
for java - ddd --jdb programname
wdb = ddd --wdb programname
xdb = ddd --xdb programname

The interface is not perfect, but neat.

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