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Fraser Campbell fraser-Txk5XLRqZ6CsTnJN9+BGXg at public.gmane.org
Thu Dec 18 14:31:32 UTC 2003

On Thursday 18 December 2003 08:29, GDHough wrote:

> I would like to extract specific information from lines in log files and
> perform math functions on them. Grep is ok for getting the lines I want and
> putting them where I want them. But I've reached a limit in what I can do
> because I lack the education.
> Two things I need to learn:
> 1 - How I can search for subnet matches in /var/log/messages, like I can in
> Ethereal.
> 2 - How I can extract $omefield (columns?) and print $ame to $omefile after
> doin $ummath on $omefield.

While you can do everything you want with various shell tools you'll probably 
find it much easier to use a higher-level (?) scripting language; perl or 
whatever alternative you prefer.

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