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Robert Brockway robert-5LEc/6Zm6xCUd8a0hrldnti2O/JbrIOy at public.gmane.org
Thu Dec 18 14:20:32 UTC 2003

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, GDHough wrote:

> 1 - How I can search for subnet matches in /var/log/messages, like I can in
> Ethereal.

Are you aware of the ability to do regex expressions in grep?  This should
do exactly what you want.

> 2 - How I can extract $omefield (columns?) and print $ame to $omefile after
> doin $ummath on $omefield.

If I was sticking to shell I'd use "cut" here.

> I've been looking at man pages and am thinking awk sort uniq ... am I looking
> in the right direction? Are there any cautionary comments with shell tools as
> powerful as awk? What are '.po' files?

Shell tools tend to have a narrower focus than awk but each is very
powerful in what it does.


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