KNOPPIX closes because Europe passes software IP laws

Fraser Campbell fraser-Txk5XLRqZ6CsTnJN9+BGXg at
Sat Dec 6 00:12:00 UTC 2003

On December 5, 2003 05:11 pm, Justin Zygmont wrote:

> what is so useful about this distro anyways, running from a CD is way too
> slow, and not at all feasable for much of anything except maybe testing to
> see how it is.

2GB of software fitting in the palm of your hand (well a big hand), that can 
be run at will on any PC (with or without an OS) isn't useful.

How else would you partition up a couple of disks, raid them, format them and 
run amrecover across the network to reinstall your server after a failed disk 
in little over an hour?

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