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> Does anybody have any experiences with these or any rationale why these are 
> or might be "GUI paradise" for the Linux user?

I don't personally use the complete ROX desktop, but from what I've read on the
list and the site, and from using what started it all, ROX Filer, it's all built
around very serious simplicity and ease-of-use. It's very light on resources,
comes with a plethora of very useful apps, like Archive, Edit, Memo (a calendar
and scheduling app), Session, etc.

See this page for more on the "modus" of ROX. It is actually supposed to be an
implementation of a RISC OS-like desktop on X, hence the name.

There are some great shots on the Wiki of various aspects of ROX in use.

Even if you don't use the desktop, though, the filer kicks ass. It beats
Nautilus and Konqueror all to hell for speed and simplicity, and has many
advanced features I haven't even explored.

You should also check out XFCE4, which is a bit more "familiar" than ROX, ie. it
is similar to running, say, Gnome, but a *lot* lighter.

I don't know what distro you are using, but it should be easy to install from
either Debian or Mandrake.

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