[GTALUG] a simple security solution?

James Knott james.knott at jknott.net
Mon Apr 15 20:34:07 EDT 2019

On 04/15/2019 03:28 PM, Karen Lewellen via talk wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I do hope to ask this clearly.
> what I desire is a method of confirming if someone enters or
> approaches my flat without my knowledge.
> Ideally there would be a small camera, even a phone just for this role
> might work,  with at the absolute best a notification sent via  voice
> or e-mail that the feature is active..I hope this makes sense. 
> Perhaps  it activates when someone opens my downstairs door, letting
> me know?  Perhaps an alarm, perhaps not.
> I might also dedicate a laptop to this role, but the most important
> thing is that I am notified,  the setup calls my own phone number land
> line for example, or sends me an e-mail.  I have no way to get a text
> message, unless this  message is spoken.
> If I am  not being clear let me know.
> Range need not be profoundly large either.
> Ideas?
> Kare
It's not quite a simple solution.  First, if you're not planning on
watching the video all day, you'll need a digital recorder designed for
use with IP cameras.  You could build something like that with a Linux
box, but you're probably better off buying a commercial one designed for
the task.  The other part is harder.  Detecting someone approaching the
door requires at least a motion detector of some sort.  Another approach
is something called video analytics, which analyses the scene to detect
motion etc., determines whether it's appropriate and so on.  Again, not
an easy task.

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