[GTALUG] Linux Journal, RIP

Kevin Cozens kevin at ve3syb.ca
Wed Jan 31 16:36:05 EST 2018

On 2017-12-05 07:59 PM, Stewart C. Russell via talk wrote:
> Looks like last month was their last month of even digital publication:
> https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/linux-journal-ceases-publication

I just received an email stating they are trying to resurrect the magazine. 
I wonder if they will respond to any emails sent to either of the addresses 
listed in the email.

I gave up on Linux Journal after they stopped publishing on paper. Like many 
subscribers of the day I tried to cancel my subscription and get my money 
back as I had no interest in reading a digital version of the magazine.

When they stopped publishing on paper they also lost their customer service 
department. Many people, myself included, tried to contact them to cancel 
their subscription only to receive no response.

I was able to put my subscription on hold for a while but the web page where 
I could do that wasn't maintained and eventually it told me that my start 
date had to be no later than a date that had already passed. I could no 
longer put my subscription on hold.

I won't support the magazine, or their (claims of) trying to get the 
magazine operating again.



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