[GTALUG] Getting external IP

Jose A. Dias jose.dias at diaslan.net
Sat Jan 27 21:06:29 EST 2018

And while you're scraping that, you can ping the default gateway that
the "modem" gives you and as long as you can get there then you're

I do that to keep an eye on what Rogers does in the neighbourhood. I
ping the external address of my firewall, the default gateway, the dns
servers listed then google.ca and rogers.com.

             ok www.google.ca
             ok www.rogers.com

Jose Dias
jose "dot" dias "at" DiasLan "dot" net

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> I am not all that familiar with the cable modems but you should be
> to scrape the ip address from the modem.
> They will be using DHCP or possibly ppoe but one way or another your
> modem will have your address.
> On 01/27/2018 05:10 PM, William Park via talk wrote:
> > Cable, which is owned by Rogers.
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