[GTALUG] xset and DPMS

Lennart Sorensen lsorense at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jan 16 10:21:52 EST 2018

On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 02:03:38PM +0000, Giles Orr via talk wrote:
> I have a new monitor that's notoriously prone to burn-in ...  This is an
> IPS monitor, and none of us thought burn-in even existed anymore.  But I
> don't think this is quite the same as what it was with plasmas - in this
> case, I think the "burn-in" lasts a matter of hours rather than being
> permanent?  I'm not sure because I don't care to experiment.  Yes, I knew
> this before I bought the monitor, but it's other advantages outweighed this
> problem.  And yes - it's an incredibly stupid problem to have with a
> monitor where things stay in the same place for hours, months, and
> sometimes years.
> So one of the computers I attach to it (a middle-aged Chromebook) has
> Debian stable installed, and I'm running Fluxbox on it.  I use this:
>     $ xset +dpms
>     $ xset -q
>     ... # DPMS confirmed on
>     $ xset dpms 240 1800 1800
> To turn on DPMS and set the time-outs.  But ... every time the screen
> blanks, it apparently disables DPMS again.  This can be confirmed with
> 'xset -q' again, which now says "disabled."  Is this a system setting or
> service, Debian or Fluxbox or something else that resets itself every time
> DPMS is activated?  I have no such problem under Fedora 26/Openbox.

IPS does not get burn in, but it does have image retention more than most
other types of LCD.  It goes away pretty quick when the image changes
to something else though.  I have never heard of it being permanent on
an IPS though.

Len Sorensen

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