[GTALUG] November 2017 talk is up on youtube

Alex Volkov alex at flamy.ca
Sun Jan 7 21:05:04 EST 2018

Hey Kevin,

I'm the person who maintains youtube channel most of the time.

Thank you for you feedback; I fixed the typo.

For a while youtube wouldn't allow to change titles of the videos once 
they've been published, turns out it is no longer the case.


On 05/01/18 10:04 PM, Kevin Cozens via talk wrote:
> On 2018-01-05 12:14 AM, Alex Volkov via talk wrote:
>> I posted November presentation -- Docker for Web Development with 
>> Greg Martyn
>> https://youtu.be/JO74a_aN-A4
> Nice. Thank you for the notice. I didn't realize GTALUG had a YouTube 
> channel.
> To the person who maintains the YouTube channel there is a typo in the 
> title of one of the videos. In the title "How Completing in CTF Made 
> Me a Better Linux User by Myles Braithwaite" the word "Completing" 
> should be "Competing".

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