[GTALUG] Linux on ppc64 (G5) - distro support

William Porquet william at 2038.org
Thu Dec 6 10:35:29 EST 2018

I have a similar boat-anchor Mac G5. Lubuntu PPC works quite well on it. I
can't upgrade from 16 to 18 yet, doesn't seem to be supported or the distro
isn't ripe yet.

You pick up one from Masterfile too?


On Thu, 6 Dec 2018 at 10:33, Stewart Russell via talk <talk at gtalug.org>

> Hey - so I picked up a couple of very pretty but backbreakingly-heavy
> Apple G5s - one dual-core, the other dual-processor single core. I know
> these are old machines (2005) and vastly inefficient compared to modern
> machines: there are faster ARM SBCs. G5s make amazing room heaters when
> they are busy.
> Distro support seems to have completely dropped away for these  machines.
> ppc64el is alive and well on IBM servers, but PowerMacs are big-endian.
> Anyone using ppc64 here? What distro would you recommend? Debian used to
> have ppc64 support, but its last release is in LTS with no future releases
> planned.
> Cheers
>  Stewart
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