[GTALUG] Dont post this please, Just introducing myself and moderator approval

Kumash Patel kumash123 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 01:03:03 EDT 2018

This is meant to be a signup email.

 I am interested in the malware talk happening on may 8th. Just came across
the community and it looks like the thing i have been searching for a while.

I am a novice at linux, installed manjaro on my now-dead thinkpad x210. but
yeah nothing beyond that with linux so far.

I have done a few university courses in python based fundamental
programming concepts. And have been following an online tutorial for UE4
programming in c++. I would like to learn more about website hosting and
development because i wanna make a blog that acts as a personal website to
keep adding things to (modifying/experimenting on different features).

I cant do it alone, I need help from people who already know about these
things and are willing to share.

Thanks for reading this,

Kumash Patel
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