[GTALUG] CRT memories [was Re: IBM - cache skirmish story.]

James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Tue Apr 24 22:37:17 EDT 2018

On 04/24/2018 10:33 PM, Alvin Starr via talk wrote:
>>> At one point there were spring based audio delay devices use for
>>> adding reverb but they quickly got replaced with memory based
>>> solutions when dram started showing up.
>> They weren't spring based, just a loose coil of wire.
> Take a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverberation under
> Spring reverberators.
> These are the ones I knew of but there may have been some other
> devices based on other operating principles.

I remember those reverb springs, from back when I was a kid.  The delay
lines I'm referring to look like the one pictured in this link.

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