[GTALUG] Microsoft says its new Linux-based OS will secure IoT devices for a decade - TechRepublic

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>| What's this?  Microsoft developing a Linux based OS??
>| It's amazing the changes at Microsoft, since Bill & Steve left.
>If they can deliver what they promise, it's a very interesting
>Most embeded software is "fire and forget".  As a customer, one cannot
>expect support longevity in IoT devices these days.  But it is really
>Not many companies could make that 10 year promise believable.  I wish
>it were from a more disinterested company.
>I currently have this queued in my MP3 player:
>"(In)Security in Home Embedded Devices"
>Still fresh after four years.

Thanks for this link. There's a lot to digest here. Elidding Pernicious Binary Blobs GID UIDs and how to determine whats critical in infrastructure.

I like the succinctness in the summary.

Friends don't let friends run factory firmware.

I tried out SoAS briefly on the Toshiba Peter Hiscocks gave me. I had to strip all the overheating elements of the MP bios; drive battery etc . The firmware predates Microsoft soiling, so it runs without the battery when plugged in. I just boot SoAS from usb and (ouch) Getty's your uncle.

Thanks again Peter, it was loads of fun. Still have it, but its way in the bottom of the TCL trunk.
>I got to it from Getty's blog:
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