[GTALUG] New Desktop PC -- debian Linux - Proposed 2 TB HDDPartitioning;

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> Perfect timing for continuation of this thread.
> My new ly builtPC (replacing Windows XP on a ancient Dell) is home and I'm
> getting acquainted with a simple standard debian Linux installation that is
> all-in-one-partition except for swap.
> Now finalizing the partitioning design for the "real" debian install.
> So the resumption of this thread, with tips on partitioning, UEFI and SSD
> is most welcome !!
> Ideas duly extracted from the messages for further consideration.
> Hoo boy!

There are likely more variations that you will get answers.

Some questions:
1. software that you must have (small amounts or large amounts)
2. have you /are you thinking of doing any container or vm stuff
3. what have you used just recently

I set my systems up different than most but then it seems my work patterns
are 'weird' so I make things so they work for me and am not too worried
what they look to other people. (Have had 'experts' say what I was doing

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