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> On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 01:25:54AM -0400, Clifford Ilkay wrote:
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> > wrote:
> > > I'm not too keen on recommending VM route.
> >
> > Why not? Unless you have really underpowered machines, it's a perfectly
> > viable way to run multiple operating systems simultaneously.
> I use VirtualBox and VMware at work.  They are OK for network testing or
> application.  But, they seem to have or encouraging or amplifying silent
> filesystem corruption, especially USB subsystem.

If such a thing existed as a systemic issue, it would be calamitous for the
billions of virtual machines that are deployed and we'd either stop doing
virtualization or find a solution to this problem. Granted, cloud providers
probably aren't using the USB subsystem.

We deploy our web application on Debian virtual machine images to our
customers that they can run on VMware ESXi 5, 5.5, 6, Hyper-V, or
VirtualBox. With thousands of VMs deployed on a wide variety of hardware,
we would have heard something by now if there were some systemic issues
with filesystem corruption. We don't have any need to interact with USB
devices though.

If such a thing is happening, this isn't a feature of virtualization. It's
a bug. Have you filed a bug report?


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